Stainless steel, low carbon steel three-tiered oven racks

Three tiered oven racks are also called stackable oven racks. They are made of stainless steel wires, low carbon steel wires with chrome, zinc, nickel coated. As the name implies that the oven racks are designed as three tiers in order to maximize oven space to hold more food. Not only do the three-tiered oven racks allow you to place more food for baking, but they can be folded for easy storage when not in use.

14-1/2” L × 11” H × 10-1/2” D stainless steel chrome coated three tiered oven racks
Chrome plated oven racks hold three tiers of cookies
15-1/2” L × 7-1/4” D × 14-1/4” W three-tiered oven racks bake cookies


  • Stable and sturdy structure. Three tiered oven racks are made of stainless steel wires. They have good strength and can stand more food.
  • High flexibility and plasticity. The low carbon steel oven racks are easily welded due to the flexibility and plasticity.
  • Heat and rust resistant. The anti-oxidant chrome-coated surface makes the racks resist rust and heat.
  • Non-toxic and safe. The chrome-steel structure protects oven racks from chemicals due to high temperature.
  • Save space and time. Three tiered oven racks have more space for roasting, baking, steaming at the same time. Besides, they can be stackable when not in use.
  • Non-stick for easy cleaning.
  • Various sizes fit most ovens.
  • Long service life.
Three tiered oven racks specification
Material stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire
Finish chrome coated, zinc coated, nickel coated
Diameter 5mm - 9.5mm
(L × H × D)
15-1/2” × 7-1/4” × 14-1/4”, 14-1/2” × 11” × 10-1/2”, 13-1/2” × 11” × 10-1/2”, 10-3/4” × 14” × 10-3/4”.
Packing packed in plastic bags then in cartons.


  • Roasting beef, turkey, baking cakes, madeleine, brownie at the same time.
  • Baking casserole.
  • Home kitchen microwave oven, restaurant, bakery stores.
A set of stackable chrome-coated oven racks hold cakes, fruit and snacks
13.5” L × 11” D × 10.5” H chrome-coated stackable oven racks store more food
A chrome-coated three tiered oven racks set in large oven with food
13.5” L × 11” D × 10.5” H three tired oven racks hold food in large ovens

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