Chrome, nickel, zinc, black coated V-shaped roast rack

V-shaped roast racks, or V-shaped racks, are made of 304 stainless steel wire or carbon steel wire with chrome, nickel, zinc and black enamel coated. The V-shaped design roast racks can hold larger poultry and help hot air circulate and make food evenly heated.

A black carbon steel V-shaped roast rack with handles
380mm × 250mm × 100mm black V-shaped roast rack
A seven place adjustable chrome plated V-shaped rack
290mm long × 270mm wide adjustable chrome plated V-shaped rack


  • V-shaped design makes air circulate evenly.
  • V-shaped racks allow you to smoke or grill large pieces of meat like chickens, turkeys and roasts.
  • Adjust to different positions to fit any size roast.
  • Sturdy structure for holding food.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant due to chrome plated.
  • Endure high temperature and tasteless.
  • Non stick surface for easy clean.


  • Material: 304 stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire.
  • Finish: chrome plated, nickel plated, galvanized, black enamel coated.
  • Wire diameter: 3mm - 4mm.
  • Length: 290mm - 400mm.
  • Width: 250mm - 400mm.
  • Height: 80mm - 120mm.
  • Package: inner with plastic bags and outside with cartons.


  • Used for barbecuing meat, chicken, turkeys.
  • Set in baking pans for heat distribution when baking food in oven or microwave oven.
A black enamel-plated V-shaped rack set in a black baking pan
300mm long × 250mm wide black V-shaped rack in a roasting pan
An uncooked chicken on V-shaped rack within a silver baking pan
Chicken is put on a V-shaped rack within baking pan

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